EvaCare iu our new state of the art IVF ICSI center which will offer sophisticated infertility treatment We have the excellenttrackrecord in last20 years with more than 80000 pregnancies and we hope to continue the good work and make miracles happens. Dr Aditi Nadkarni is now a fully trained infertility and fetal medicines specialist who will offer round the clock services. She has a special interest in Obstretric Ultrasound, 3D & 4D Sonography & fetal Echocardiography. She has been trained under Dr S Suresh , Chennai for the same.Dr Aditi has done her IVF traiining from Sydney IVF Center , Australia & Cleaveland University for the reproductive Medicines USA.Both Dr Akshay & Dr Aditi will Be backend up by Dr Monica Vora, Dr Purnima Nadkarni & Dr Kishore Nadkarni.

This center will also have an Androfert division for the evaluation & treatment of Male reproductive and sexsual dysfunction.