21st Century E Class Laparoscopic surgery centre

The concept of E CLASS - Every patient is admitted to a hospital with some ailment. We at 21st Century, feel that the experience during patients' stay should be memorable.The concept of E class is that the best possible is done for the health, care, comfort and luxury of the patient during the stay , the process, the experience all perfect and smooth - "EXPERIENCE THE EXTRAORDINARY" The rooms shall have all advanced and special amenities with 24hr hot water facility, phone, TV, Wifi zone, tea coffee maker, hot plate, automatic beds, sofas, etc and above all, a wonderful staff to pamper patients needs and make their stay, Extraordinary - precisely, a mini studio apartment in a room. Our Modular Laparoscopic Operation Theatre -In the last 2 years, the laparoscopic team at 21st century hospital, Vapi, with Dr Akshay And Dr Kishore Nadkarni, have done more than 500 laparoscopic surgeries mainly Gynecology, General surgical and Cancer work. We routinely perform laparoscopic Wertheims, lap. hemicolectomies & all Cancer colorectal work apart for all laparoscopic gynec,infertility and surgical procedures and hysteroscopies. Dr Akshay has become a full fledged laparoscopic and cancer surgeon.